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Calypso and Calypsonians in North America, 1934-1961

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Calypso in the True North

Posted by Michael Eldridge on August 11, 2010

The good folks at McMaster University’s Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition, where I spent last fall as Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Globalization and Cultural Studies, edit an online “Working Papers” series showcasing work by faculty, graduate students, and invited guests of the Institute.   (If you need to be convinced that it’s worth your while to check out this excellent series and you’re the sort who’s persuaded by name-dropping, then I’ll just mention that the more illustrious contributors include big guns like Arif Dirlik, Hardt and Negri, and Etienne Balibar.)

These same good people were kind enough to see some merit in a draft article that grew out of my research there, which was about the cultural work performed by calypso in the decades before the great West Indian migrations that began in the 1960s.  The piece is called “Calypso’s Cosmopolitan Strategy: Race, Nation, and Global Culture in Postwar Canada” and you can download it here.

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